Q 1: Are BabySafe Car Seats meets New Zealand Safety Requirements?

A: Yes, all BabySafe Car Seats conform to European Safety Standard R44 or Australian and New Zealand Safety Standard AS/NZS 1754:2010 which meets New Zealand Safety Requirements and can be used in New Zealand legally.

More info about New Zealand Safety Standard Requirements at Land Transport NZ Website.


Q 2. Is there Manufacture Date on BabySafe Car Seat?

A: Yes, you can find Manufacture Date on BabySafe Car Seat. There is a circle on it. The number in the centre of the circle is the year when it was made and the number the arrow pointing is the month when it was made. The Life Span of Baby Capsules is 6 years, the life span of Convertible Car Seats and 3 in Car Seat/Booster is 10 years.

Q 3. Does NZ Law requires that all baby car seats must use Tether Strap or Anchor Bolt?

A: No, NZ Law does not require that baby car seats must use Tether Strap or Anchor Bolt. All Car Seats can be used in New Zealand legally once they comply with one or more approved international standards (Please see answers for Question 1). Some Car seats are designed to use anchor bolt, some Car Seats are designed to be installed by Seat Belt only. Please see User Manuals.

Q 4 Do I have to use car seat for my baby?

A: Yes, you must use car seat for children until they are six year old no matter how long you travel. This is a regulation from NZ law. For your child's safety, it is better to keep them in proper child restraint as long as you can until they are 148cm in height. Then they can use adult seat belt safely.

Q 5: How do I choose the right car seat for my baby?

A: It is very important to choose the car seat according to your baby's weight and age. The best guide would be your baby's weight as some children are smaller or bigger than other children of the same age. Our products range in three weight groups, baby capsule from birth to 13 kgs (from birth upto one year approximately), convertible car seat from birth to 18 kgs (from birth upto 4 year) and car seat/booster from 9 kgs upto 36kgs (from 6 month upto 11years old). However, as the car seats have overlapping period of usage, you may need to consider all round factors to find the most suitable car seat for your child. You may refer to question 3 and 4 for more information about the difference between each type of car seat.

Q 6 : Which one is better for my child, the convertible car seat or the 3 in 1 booster seat?

A: This depend on your child's age and weight, the intended usage of the baby seat as well as your budget. Generally speaking, the advantage of convertible car seat is that it reclines in four positions and it has more padding than the booster seat. It can be used both forward facing and rear facing. Also it has a base under the seat so the baby would be able to see outside the window even when he is small. So it is a very good seat for long distance travelling. The disadvantage comparing to booster seat is that it can only use upto 18kg and you will need to get another child restraints for your child when he/she is 18kg.

The advantage of 3 in 1 booster seat is that it has three stages so when you have this car seat for your child, you don't have to buy any other car seat any more and this seat will serve your child until he does not need to use any child restraints. Other advantage would be the extended head support function which can give good support to child's head when he falls into sleep. The disadvantage comparing to convertible car seat is that it cannot be reclined and the padding is comparatively less although it is still a very well padded booster seat.

Q 7: I am a first time new mum and need to get a car seat for my new born. What do you recommend, a capsule or a convertible car seat?

A: Again which seat better suits your baby depend on your situation. We would not be able to tell you which one is better as different customers have different requirements or concern. However we could make a comparison between these two products so you would be able to get a clearer understanding of each product's feature.

The main advantage of baby capsule is that it is light and can be easily carried around with baby inside. It is designed for new born baby so it is comparatively more flat than convertible car seat which is good for new born's spine. The disadvantage would be it can be used for one year maximum then you will need to move baby to next size car seat.

Advantage of convertible car seat is that it can be used for baby from new born till 18 kg, which is about 3 to 4 years old. Yet it cannot be carried around with baby inside as it is too heavy and big, so you will need to take baby out the car seat everytime you get out of the car. Also it is designed with sitting position for toddler as well, so the seat is a bit steep, not as flat as capsule.

If you often take your baby out, we would recommend you get a capsule for your new born and then move to convertible car seat.

Q 8: How is the quality of BabySafe car seat?

A : BabySafe car seats are specially designed for your baby??s safety and comfort. Manufactured by a member of EU Eligibility manufacturer which has also passed UKAS ISO9001 quality system, Babysafe car seat enjoys high quality standards. All babysafe child restraints conform to European safety standards and have got the ECE 44 certificate recognized by NZ law.

Q 9: Do I have any guarantees on my purchase from ALLBABY limited?

A: Yes. We offer 7 day no question asked money back guarantees on all purchases from Allbaby online. However, this guarantee does not apply to rental services.

Q 10: Are there any warranties for my car seat?

A: Yes. Allbaby limited warrants our car seat to be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal household use and service for one year following date of purchase. This warranty shall not apply to damages arising from neglect, accidental damage, or commercial use of the product. Proof of purchase is required.

Q 11: Why BabySafe car seat has lower price than most of the other car seat?

A: ALLBABY Limited aims to provide moms and babies with quality car seat at lowest possible price. We order our products directly from the factory and then retail directly to our customers. There is NO middle man to share the profit.?

Q 12: Does BabySafe car seat come with tether strap?

A: No. BabySafe car seat does not have tether strap. Car seats conform to European and British safety standards may not have tether strap while car seats conform to NZ/Aus safety standards as well as Federal safety standards do have tether strap.

Q 13: How long can I use babysafe car seat?

A : Babysafe car seat and booster seats have a life time of 10 years from the manufacturer date. The length of life time also depends on environment where it is used. Please take care of the car seat according to the instructional manual to get the maximum lifetime of the car seat.

Q 14: What if the BabySafe car seat does not fit into my car?

A: BabySafe car seat is designed to fit most of the vehicles with three point seat belt. And we have detailed information of measurement for each car seat to assist you make the right decision. In the unlikely case that you find our car seat does not fit your car properly, please inform us within 7 days of receipt and return to us as soon as you can, and we will refund you the full purchase price. However, the original shipping cost is not refundable.

Q 15:?I would like to see the car seat physically before I could make decision to buy, what should I do?

A: You are most welcome to visit our showroom located at Albany Village, Auckland. We are open from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday. But you can always phone us to make appointment to view at any time that suits you. Contact Us Now!

Q 16: How to rent a car seat?

A: We have limited Number of car seat of each stage for rent. Due to its popularity, rental items may not be available all the time. Please email us (rent@allbaby.co.nz) to book with us earlier to avoid disappointment.

Q 17: Is babysafe car seat easy to install?

A: Yes, it is very easy to install. The instructional manual has clearly stated how to intall and please follow carefully. We also offer free installation service to our customers at our place.

Q 18: How can I be sure I have installed my child car seat correctly?

A : Whether a car seat is safe enough depends a lot on weather it is installed properly, so it is very important to install correctly. You must follow the instructional manual to install and check the car seat. After tightening the lap belt as much as possible, tilt and push the child restraint forward and to both sides. If no loosening occurs, your car seat should be secure. If your seat moves more than an inch when you push on it at the belt path, or you have any doubts regarding the security of your seat, try using a locking clip or move the car seat to another location where you can tighten the vehicle belt securely.You can have your seat checked by an individual certified in car seat installation. Allbaby limited provides this service free to our customers. You are always welcome to our place and we will check for you if you are not sure.

Q 19: How do I clean the car seat?

A: Use only a mild hand soap and warm water to clean the belt lock and harness. The cover should be hand wash. Never use any chemical cleaners and never attempt to bleach or dye the webbing. Allow to dry naturally.

Q 20: How long would it take to have my order delivered?

A: We strive to deliver the goods to our customers as soon as we can. Once payment received, we will process the order within 2 working days. Delivery time depends on which areas the order is delivered to. Please refer to our Shipping rate and delivery for more details.

Q 21: What is ISOFIX Car Seat?

A: ISOFIX is designed to be a standard system for fixing child seats into car without having to use adult seat belt. It is developed by European safety standard working group together with car manufacturers.

The concept was put forward early 1990s, but it takes more than a decade for the technical standards to be agreed. Because of the delaying, ISOFIX anchorage is introduced into cars in two stages:

"Semi-univeral" with two ISOFIX anchorage or "Universal" with three ISOFIX anchorage.

Q22: What is Semi Universal ISOFIX Car Seat?

A: Semi Universal ISOFIX Car Seat, often comes with a support leg, is suitable for cars that come with?two ISOFIX anchorage?or three ISOFIX anchorage. The support leg works as the third point to prevent the car seat from rotating forward. However, you must bear in mind that support leg which should rest on floor firmly cannot rest on the cover of underfloor compartment, so you need to refer to your car user manual to see if your car is suitable to have Semi Universal ISOFIX Car Seat with Support Leg.

Q23: What is Universal ISOFIX Car Seat?

A: Universal ISOFIX Car Seat, often comes with a top tether, is suitable for cars that come with Three ISOFIX anchorage with the third one you can normally find at the floor, back of the seat or side of the seat. It is not suitable for cars that come with only two ISOFIX anchorage unless there is a third point in the car to attach the top tether. Cars that produced after year 2006 must have at least two seats that have three ISOFIX anchorage as is required by LAW. Here the top tether works as the third point to prevent the car seat from rotating forward.

Q24: What is EPS foam and what is EPP foam? What is the difference between those two foams?

A: EPS foam, expanded polystyrene foam, is what is most commonly used in child safety seat. It is a safety device added to car seats to protect child's head and upper body from impact forces. EPS foam can withstand much force, but can also breaks and tears. EPP foam, expanded polypropylene foam, is a much more endurable foam which can takes up to four times higher than that of EPS foam. EPP is usually fully recover from shocks and is much more difficult to tear and break. Both EPS foam and EPP foam can provide adequate protection in collision, yet EPP foam is more flexible and CANNOT be permanently damaged as easily as EPS foam.

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